Uob Debit Cardmember Agreement

Here`s an example of how a typical NTUC More! Visa Debit member can earn 8% off with its NTUC Plus! Visa Debit Card assuming it meets the minimum somewhere outside of FairPrice expenses. Assuming he spent $3001 on FairPrice this month: due to the scheduled maintenance, online applications for debit/credit cards, EasiCredit and credits will not be available on Sunday, February 23, 2020 from 12:01 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. Please try again after Sunday, Feb 23, 2020, 3 hours. Get an immediate 18% discount on all fuel types – 0.2% LinkPoints discounted on Caltex. . Enjoy exclusive promotions with OCBC Cards islandwide Get and use your digital card as soon as you apply via MyInfo. Up to 20.6% fuel savings (from now until 31 Dec 2020) – save 2.3% smile savings at Esso Enjoy great fuel savings with ease by tying your card. NTUC Plus! Visa Debit Card (for NTUC Union members) The NTUC Plus visa debit card comes with the NTUC-OCBC Starter account Get an additional 2.1% off your gross fuel expenses at Esso! 1% LinkPoints Rewards on M1, Starhub – Periodic Bills16 . Enjoy quick, simple and secure payments with payWave visa . . .

Spend at least $200 a month somewhere outside of FairPrice to qualify for: Here`s how you can reach at least $200 worth of spending anywhere outside of FairPrice” in a month: . NTUC Plus!/OCBC Plus! Visa Debit Cards was designed to save you more. With a minimum spend of only $200 anywhere outside Of FairPrice, you can get up to 8% off FairPrice. You`ll also benefit from more savings on fuel, telecommunications bills and other daily essentials, in addition to LinkPoints discounts on more than 200 resellers! Participants. This is our way of celebrating your hard work with Singapore`s card of choice for saving throughout the year. . . . Bonus LinkPoints discount from OCBC2 if you have credits on your NTUC-OCBC starter account.

Up to 12% off at FairPrice Stores, Unity and Warehouse Club1 August 1, 2018 – Feb 28, 2020 – Expanded due to high demand! . “Somewhere outside of expenses FairPrice refers to visa transactions on your NTUC Plus!/OCBC Plus! Visa credit or debit card outside Of FairPrice, FairPrice On, Warehouse Club and Unity. . . . Improve your reward experience with the Plus app! .