The adoption of research appropriations may also require the implementation of an agreement between the UQ and the funding agency. The UQ can only be linked to agreements by a limited number of delegates throughout the organization, and chief investigators are generally not entitled to sign an agreement on behalf of the UQ. For CRA and NHMRC scholarships managed by another institution and of which the UQ is a cooperating body, UQ R-I requires at least one UQ funding sheet (DOC, 159.5 KB) and a copy of the full and final statement. All specific terms and conditions related to the offer of the award are described in the ARC price letter or in the NHMRC calendar. Specific conditions may be exercised on budget, travel (including the International Collaboration Awards), scholarships and other issues, and researchers are responsible for meeting the requirements. For funding other than most ARC and NHMRC grants, you must provide instructions for your RPM or Research Legal to design, verify or negotiate appropriate agreements to fund your project. However, in some cases, you can use a standard form of the agreement, which was approved in advance by Research Legal. If you are unsure of the specific requirements for your agreement or if a legal review is required, contact the OSR or your RPM for advice. It is strongly recommended that the first name begin as soon as possible after the acceptance of the offer by establishing cooperation agreements with their designated point of contact in the RSO or their RPM. The application of agreements with international partners can sometimes be a long process due to the diversity of international legislation. The OSR recommends that, when an MIA with an international cooperation organization is required, contact OSR with the first IIC to discuss the possibility of postponing the start of the grant. If OSR receives a notification of a successful application result from a promotion organization, we will contact the successful candidate (first chief investigator) by email with instructions on the conditions for accepting this specific grant. In the case of CRA and NHMRC funding and certain other programs, applicants must return a form of acceptance of the UQ offer to OSR in order to formally register their acceptance of the grant with the UQ.