How Do I Add An Enterprise Agreement To My Azure Account

Fill out the form and click Create. In the following tables, the fields are shown in the form for each type of billing account. Select the business administrators you want to send. To remove a subscription of which you are the account holder: The Azure EA account is an organization unit on the Azure EA portal. It is used for subscription management and also for reporting. To access and use Azure services, you need to create an account or create an account for yourself. A new business administrator can be added by existing business administrators. If you`re the EA Administrator, log in to the EA portal > click Manage > Click Add Administrator in the top right corner to add a new EA administrator. Make sure you have your email address and a preferred registration method, such .B school authentication or Microsoft Live ID to add users. If you have a Microsoft Online Service Program (MOSP) billing account, you can create additional subscriptions on the Azure registration portal. To add another account, select Add another account or select Add the left toolbar in the bottom right corner. To set up the billing account, you need to change the billing of Azure subscriptions from your business agreement to the new account. The installation does not affect the Azure services that are run in your subscriptions.

However, it changes the way you manage the billing of your subscriptions. As an Azure business administrator, you can allow account holders in your organization to create subscriptions based on the EA Dev/Test offer. To do this, select the Dev/Test field for the account owner in the Azure EA portal. You use the Azure EA portal to give access to users with different levels of authentication. A business administrator can update the authentication level to meet the security requirements of their organization. Transfer: Records in which all accounts and services assigned have been transferred to a new record are displayed with the status transferred. An Azure account owner can create and manage an unlimited number of subscriptions. The transition cannot be reversed. Once your Azure subscription billing has been transferred to the new billing account, you will no longer be able to reset them on your Enterprise Agreement listing. When the warning message is displayed, the account owner must select to continue in order to activate the account when the first connection to the Azure Enterprise portal is made. To create an Azure business offer subscription, you must be eligible for the account owner`s role on the EA portal.

This document answers frequently asked questions about the ownership of bank subscriptions. We provide the public preview of the subscription environment on the Azure portal. This feature is aimed directly at the ability to create multiple business subscriptions using the API subscription. This experience is fully integrated into the Azure portal and allows you to quickly create an EA subscription without programming. When you invite users, they are added to the customer as a guest user and have access to the billing account. To invite users, the customer`s access must be enabled.