Readmission Agreement Eu Ukraine

On 18 September, the Ukrainian government unanimously approved the draft Association Agreement. [64] On 2 October 2008, Ukrainian President Yushchenko announced that the association agreement between the country and the EU would be signed “within six to eight months”. That day he met the King of Sweden, Charles XVI Gustav, who made a state visit to Kiev. According to Yushchenko, “the agreement is half-concluded and he hopes that it will be possible to finalise and sign it in the EU under the Swedish Presidency.” He also welcomed the Eastern Partnership initiative previously proposed by the Polish and Swedish Foreign Ministers. In 2002, the European Commissioner for Enlargement, Mr Gonter Verheugen, said that a “European perspective” for Ukraine did not necessarily mean accession within 10 to 20 years; But it is a possibility. The same year, Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma said that Ukraine intended to sign an association agreement with the EU by 2003-2004 and that ukraine would meet all EU membership requirements by 2007-2011. [12] The requirement for readmission is not mandatory when the application for readmission of these persons is made after the expiry of that period. In the event of legal or actual obstacles to the timely submission of the application, the deadline is increased to 30 calendar days on request. On 20 December 2013, the Speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament, Vollodymyr Rybak, did not rule out signing an association agreement between Ukraine and the EU without the creation of a free trade area (FTA). [86] On 24 December 2013, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Leonid Kozhara said that “the efforts of his ministry and other government authorities are currently focused on continuing negotiations with the EU to create the conditions necessary for the implementation of the Association Agreement.” [87] He added that “Ukraine will resume negotiations on this agreement after the end of the year” and that the text of the Association Agreement itself would not be amended, but that Ukraine intended to focus on issues related to its implementation. [88] 1. This agreement does not affect the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the Community, Member States and Ukraine arising from international law and, in particular, all international conventions or agreements to which they are parties, including those referred to in the preamble. Ukraine plays an important role in Europe`s migration system.

It has become a transit country for migrants due to its strategic geographical position, the largely unsecured border with Russia, the visa exemption for CIS nationals, the lack of effective readmission agreements and inadequate prosecutions. Different routes for irregular migrants /> cross />Ukraine to enter the European Union (EU). The most important lead from South Asia and Africa through the post-Soviet space to Europe. In addition, there are routes for migrants from the former Soviet Union itself. Many migrants in transit come from states whose citizens can enter Ukraine without a visa.