High Seas Sale Agreement Process

The general view is HSS is a sale by which the importer sells the goods to another buyer after the goods have been loaded onto a cargo vessel such as the ship, the aircraft in the exporter`s country, while the goods are still on the high seas or at sea or in flight or in air traffic or sold after shipping from the export port/airport and before their arrival at the destination/airport port. A few years ago, HSST was used more often and accepted as a normal practice. Large traders regularly took goods from a few remote locations, with their own sources or a long-term contract supplier, and they had the power to put those goods on the market, knowing that they would sell the goods very often before they even landed. Most of the time, all sea trips were very long, so the buyer could take goods on board, had about 30-40 days to sell them, had enough time to arrange all the papers and payments. Now all trips are much shorter, everyone buys everywhere, and not many use HSS. In addition, some authorities question such operations, almost as if it were some kind of smuggling. As far as I know, the date of the agreement is the same date you accepted the sale. HB/L should also have a date that the seller prescribes, most likely the same or a day later. Sale on the high seas is the sale of imported goods before crossing the customs area. the Tansfer of goods by the agreement concluded in India and the buyer must pay the Cstoms tax, it is permissible to conclude an agreement by concluding the price and financing conditions before shipping and to do so of sales on the high seas after shipping. In other words, the buyer organizes the order of delivery to local merchants in January, the shipment is made in February and the goods are sold to the buyer in February. If this is allowed by HSS with regard to the sale on the high seas, can different countries be involved? z.B. Originally shipped from India to Singapore, can this be diverted on the high seas to Myanmar? Would the shipping line object to the withdrawal request (change of objective) if we revealed such a sale on the high seas before the initial delivery? Gd Abend.

You`ve received the answer. Can different countries get involved in selling on the high seas? I`m parveen yadav of haryana, I work in companies my problem is that our high-seas sales business to do. we can increase the bill in the sales bill series or increase other series please confirm if the date of the sales contract may be after the flight has landed in the destination yes, that can be and even it can be high seas sales figures between the loading port at the unloading port Hello, Sir! Is HSS valid if the shipping company`s invoice is issued in the name of the original importer, but the BoE and HSS agreement is in the name of the HSS buyer? Please respond to HSS as a sale made outside India`s territorial jurisdiction, so that no revenue tax is levied for HSS. The same goods can be sold more than once on the high seas.