Countries Which Has A Visa Waiver Agreement With New Zealand

An electronic travel visa authorization for New Zealand citizens allows travellers to obtain travel authorization via an online application form, eliminating the need to personally apply to an embassy or consulate or wait in line to file a visa upon arrival at the border. An embassy travel authorization may be granted for a number of uses, such as. B a tourist visa, a work visa, a study visa, a business visa or other type of visa, as well as for a number of authorized stays. Travellers from New Zealand who wish to visit any destination on the list of countries subject to the visa requirement for New Zealanders must obtain a visa for this, regardless of the expected length of stay or the purpose of the trip. Under the 1916 war orders, during the First World War, no person over the age of 15 could disembark in New Zealand without a passport or other document that documented his nationality or identity. On request, the authorities of the Largely Unrecognized Republic of Artsakh may place their visas and/or stamps on a separate sheet of paper to avoid any discovery of travel to their territory. Kuwait[399] Lebanon,[400] Libya,[401] Sudan,[402] Syria,[403] and Yemen allow persons with passports from Israel or whose passports carry a second-hand Or unused Israeli visa, or if there are references to previous trips to Israel, such as crossing or exit pads from neighbouring border crossings in transit countries such as Jordan and Egypt. The Czech Republic allows New Zealand citizens to apply for a work visa under a special scheme known as a “green card” (instead of a “blue card” or work permit required by most non-EU nationals). The application for a green card can be submitted to any Czech embassy/consulate (or, in certain circumstances, in the Czech Republic, if the applicant is already established there) and is usually processed within 60 days. [368] The associated states of the Cook and Niue Islands, as well as the tok√© las territory, have a visa policy separate from New Zealand`s visa policy. All visitors to the Cook Islands, regardless of nationality, are visa-free for up to 31 days. Visitors travelling for tourist purposes can extend their stay by 31 days up to a maximum of 6 months. [69] There are many countries whose citizens are not required to apply for a visa for the visit of NZ.

When planning the next trip, make sure you know who needs a visa to New Zealand. New Zealand nationals travelling with a non-NZ passport do not have a special category visa upon arrival in Australia and must apply for a visa in connection with the nationality of the passport. Below is a list of the most important countries for which New Zealand nationals can travel by first applying for an embassy visa. Families wishing to enter the United States under the VWP program must have an individual provision for each traveller, including young children, since machine-readable passports generally have biographical data for only one traveller in the machine-readable area. Children included in family or parental passports may be denied visa exemption in the United States, as only biographical data of the primary traveller is included in the automatic passport reading area. If you come from a visa-required country or territory and come to New Zealand for a consultation or medical treatment, you must apply for a visa. Countries that require passports valid for at least 3 months after the scheduled release date include Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Nauru, Moldova and New Zealand. Similarly, the EEA countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, all European Union countries (with the exception of the Republic of Ireland), as well as Switzerland and the United Kingdom, also need a validity of three months beyond the holder`s expected departure date, unless the holder is a national of the