Census Employment Agreement

Forty-five federal agencies have duplicate contracts with the Census Bureau. The list is available on the Census recruitment site in the “Special Circumstances for Candidates” section. Employees must first obtain permission from their managers and then complete the online application. The only qualifications that all candidates must complete are that they are at least 18 years old, are U.S. citizens, and pass a substantive exam. The Office of Human Resources Management on Thursday issued guidelines to clear up confusion for federal employees hoping to work for the 2020 census. If I am a current DOD employee, can I add the time I spent on the census to my current retirement? In general, federal employees are prohibited from receiving a salary from more than one federal government source, but some agencies have a dual employment contract with the Census Bureau – 28 according to data from last summer, but a list on the Census site of double agreements contains 45 entities. With respect to compensation, OPM stated that the legal provision that prohibits federal employees from obtaining a salary of more than one position does not apply in this situation. Rates of pay are based on the state and county where employees work. In addition, census participants can obtain reimbursements for work-related kilometres of gasoline and other expenses. The Census Bureau will begin hiring the bulk of its temporary workers in March, when it will send out formal invitations to respond to the 2020 Census.

The office began counting Alaskan citizens in late January. Do you plan to work for the 2020 census? The Duplication Act (5 U.S. Code § 5533) generally prohibits federal employees from receiving compensation for work performed and paid by another agency, with some exceptions. Federal law (13 U.S. Code § 23) allows the Census Bureau to recruit federal employees after authorization from agency directors, but only for short-term temporary work on the 2020 census. The following Census Bureau map shows where census offices are located across the country: The 2020 Census released guidelines that identify a number of federal agencies — including the Department of the Interior — that have a dual employment contract with the Census Bureau, meaning that employees of those agencies can accept Census positions in 2020. If you have specific questions about working for the 2020 Census or for any other federal authority during your service at DOI, please contact an ethics officer. Some popular questions include whether feds should still apply if their agency is not on the list, although an agent of the agency says it should be, which is the yes answer to always apply, given that some agreements may not be activated yet; How long will the jobs last – several weeks; and flexible working hours depending on position. “We ask that you draw your staff`s attention to this information so that they can take advantage of these short-term employment opportunities,” the guide concludes.

The Census Bureau said that if federal employees believe their agency has a dual employment contract, but it`s not on the list, they should still apply online. “While your application status is likely displayed as `unauthorized,` your status will be updated once your agency`s agreement is activated in our application system,” the site reads. Assuming there are no other reasons why you are not qualified, your status is available for rent. » ==. .