Bv The Agreement Red Blend

Mix of the central body that seems to lack the complexity of the well-made mixture. Good structure and balance, however. Beautiful dark fruit with a little blackcover and spice box grows nicely on the coarse for several hours. Good efforts overall, but it is not certain that this has the potential for aging north of 10 years. What does the blend of five Bordeaux heritage grape varieties do? The Beaulieu Vineyard 2014 reserves red carpet mix. With Cabernet Sauvignon, which offers a generous blackcover, a dark cherry and blackcover; Merlot for its lively, fruity and malbec skin for its notes of plums and nascent blackberries. Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot complete this expressive blend with subtleties of purple and dried herbs. Beaulieu Vineyard played an important role in the design of the Napa Valley and even convinced its hardened critics: the French critics with its Cabernet Sauvignon. You have been the go-to-wine served for more than 60 years in the White House, appreciated by previous potus like Barack Obama, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan (the visiting dignitary, Queen Elizabeth, also tasted the vintage). And the vineyard even got a score of 99 from Robert Parker Wine Advocate for his BV Rarity. Check out our collection of Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and more. (Wine Tasting Club) Ruby color with strangely fast legs and a moderate amount of sediment. The cherry and the benerel on the nose, the bramble on the tongue.

Light body, smooth texture, with a medium finish and less acidic. While dessert (American apple pie) indicates the end of dinner, the Beaulieu Vineyard Private Reserve Georges de Latour Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 is the perfect conclusion to the evening. It`s 2015 vintage is made with berry berries with a powerful bouquet of berry fruit notes. At a dinner full of conversations and exchanges, guests noticed the times spent in America in and on the vintages that were easily poured into their glass. Stephens was a gracious host when he presented the following vintages that were chosen to be paired with the meals. . It`s the drink that started the evening. It is a white wine with a welcoming aroma of citrus, plum blossoms and ginger. Full-bodied, this white wine is dethbed with lemon, apple, sweet walnut and spices; It is a complex drink that unfolds slowly with each sip. . Organized by Beaulieu Vineyard, guests were joined at a dinner of the plantation`s fiery offering at Club Privé 1880.

Sam Stephens, brand ambassador of the vineyard, stood by when he guided us through the history of Beaulieu Vineyard. . Watch the video below to see a summary of our dinner at the White House State, the favorite Christmas tradition of guests – which dates back to 1880. Do you find this opinion useful? Yes – No / Comment held in 1880, guests were treated with a traipse on Beaulieu Vineyard gasse and its line of vintages go with the five-course menu.