Agreement To Hold Shares In Trust

5. The agent immediately forwards to the beneficiary all communications, receivables, receivables or other communications that the agent receives with respect to the shares, including communications relating to shareholder meetings. How you hold shares through a trust depends on the transfer of your shares to a trust structure or whether you want to keep your shares in a trust from the start. This declaration of confidence should be used when a designated shareholder, who is the registered owner of shares, holds shares for the benefit of another person (the economic beneficiary). An economic beneficiary may nominate a candidate under a company`s participation agreements because he does not want his name on the share register, or he must nominate a candidate, for example. B by the company`s statutes. 6. The beneficiary heresafter frees the agent from any liability that may be incurred by the agent for any action taken by the agent, in accordance with the authorization or instructions of the beneficiary or according to the terms of this declaration of confidence. The beneficiary releases the agent from any liabilities of any kind and nature that may result from an act or omission of the agent in accordance with the provisions of this declaration of confidence. I hereesely declare that, with the exception of the obligation to hold and transfer the assets and their income solely on the instruction of the beneficiary, I have also received the assets free of any obligation, including, but not limited, the payment of unpaid capital (if any) and the payment of taxes which remain the exclusive obligation of the beneficiary. Simply put, a trust is a relationship in which an agent (who may be a business or a person) owns the property for the benefit of another person or entity (also known as a beneficiary who may be a business, person or other agent). Remember that it is easier to create trusts early than to transfer them later.

First of all, it`s important to check if you can transfer your shares.