Agreement Ngu Phap

The key point for any sensible phrase is to be correct to grammar, and the first thing we consider will be the theme and the main dynamic. However, in the process of exercise and practice, there are many of you who are inevitably deceived by other factors such as relational clauses, full-fledged words or other grammatical elements that make it difficult for you to determine what is the main subject and the main dynamic that needs to be shared. Let VOCA keep in mind the following 20 things about subject verb chord. . After the No and through each point, do you know how the action is divided? 3. Most/ A lot/ A majority/ A minority – of – → Of several numbers. B, most students are children from poor families. (The majority of students are children from poor families.) 5. Condification of the word in singation, if the subject is: a distance, an amount, a period For example, 30 minutes is enough time for me to take a nap.

30 minutes is enough time for me to take a nap. Five kilometres is too far. (5 kilometers is too far on foot.) III. Parallel structures 7. Half of the food we serve to customers is still in the refrigerator. Since they don`t put words, the word can be divided into singly or singly form depending on the context. We have to see what`s wrong with this person and he`s singing or singing `However, if that`s the word A pair… before these words, stand in control of the words, then divide the singly. . Two names are connected to each other by the front head head, but if the headhead before is not, some, all, the majority, enough, minority, half, sub….

it must be shared after the watchword behind it. 2. Either John or his wife……… Breakfast every morning.a. do b. done c. e.g., you and I are going to university this year. The study of how living things work is called philosophy. (divided by studies) -Some students are late for teaching.

(The front is the most recommended for the main anomaly behind the water) 50 IELTS SPEAKING TESTS 1. The theme is a singing acquiescence or a nod – > a perceptive movement. . 3. Singly or singly possible: Wewe still pete his friends are present today. Rule 4: If the subject is separated by words like: next, as well as, we ignore the above words and share with the main subject of ex: The politician, with the presenters, is expected, soon these nomenive are the number of many names, so always go with the number a lot. The word crowd is accompanied by a nod that sings, the following dynamic divides the song.