Agreement Earth Day 2016

The signing ceremony in New York will be, according to the United Nations, the largest signing of an agreement in history, and never before have so many countries been present on the first day of an agreement. “Run educational programs and seminars and encourage research and research around the world to provide data to all individuals and institutions who are committed to the land ethic promotion and implementation movement: that the management and maintenance of the land requires measures for the production and use of materials and services that contribute to the promotion of materials and services to be conserved. and recycle. , without destructive pollution, organisms and nutrients from the Earth`s network. Coordinate or support the work of like-minded organizations to minimize unnecessary duplication and maximize the impact and efficiency of earthmoving.┬áCarbon dioxide concentrations in the world`s atmosphere reached 403.28 parts per million in February 2016, the maximum expansion of Arctic sea ice, measured in March 2016, was the lowest recorded for the second year in a row, and a devastating coral bleaching event deteriorated in 2016 due to record sea surface temperatures. It is not even the full list of current effects. TED recently published a TED conference by Christiana Figueres on the Paris Climate Agreement and her experience of transforming the common mentality into unwavering optimism. The Conference of the Parties (COP) is an international political response to climate change that began in 1992. COP21, also known as the Paris Climate Change Conference, brought the parties together to achieve a universal climate goal: to keep global warming below 2 degrees Celsius. “This is by far the largest number of countries that have ever signed an international agreement in a single day,” said UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon. Among the 175 signatories were 55 heads of state, including French President Francois Hollande and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Step one – prove that any recent warming is in fact the result of man-made CO2, and not just another cycle of natural warming, as the Planet has often seen in the past. The signing of the Paris Agreement is more than just a declaration.

The signatures indicate the intention to be bound by the agreement. The other 20 countries that have not signed the agreement have one year to do so. Climate agreements are like arms control, there is never enough until they have everything. “WASHINGTON? The Obama administration is working on a comprehensive international agreement on climate change to force nations to reduce their emissions of fossil fuels that heat climate change, but without congressional ratification. The United States and China – which together account for 40% of global emissions – have pledged to join the agreement this year. The signing of the agreement is only one step in this process. Heads of state and government must now return to the governments of their home countries to ratify and approve the agreement, which could take months or years. The agreement will enter into force as soon as 55 countries, representing at least 55% of global emissions, are formally agreed. So if they think that everything is the result of a secret commission issuing a directive, is it not surprising that they think they can move the sky and the earth if they only get the right people? sit down and send decrees. TRANSPARENCY: There is no penalty if countries miss their emissions targets. Instead, the agreement relies on transparency rules to motivate countries to honour their commitments.